Spain is a nation with high mountain ranges and plateaus such as the Sierra Nevada and Pyrenees dominated mainland Spain. It is home for many rivers running from the mountain heights like the Guadalquivir, the Tagus, the Duero, and Ebro.

Spain Statstics

About Spain

Spain is a constitutional monarchy, with a hereditary monarch and a parliament with two chambers: the Cortes. Linguistic and cultural diversity was valued in 1978 constitution.

Other Information

The nation has 17 autonomous communities (regions) which all have their own directly elected authorities. Communities like Galicia, the Basque, and Catalonia, the regional languages have official status alongside the national Spanish language.

Why Study in Spain ?

Students can learn Spanish without breaking the bank. The nation can be the doorway to all of your education goals. Firstly, choosing Spain for study will surely create envy and jealous to your friends. The combination of attractive lifestyle and good Universities has made Spain a popular destination for international students. Spain is the best Country to learn another language.

Other Benefits

The cosmopolitan bustle and affluence of Western Europe is mixed with the southern charm, which is distinct and extravagance. Of course, lifestyle is not the only criteria to draw in the students: It has the most sought after Universities too. Out of 18 universities in Spain, 14 are ranked within the top 500 Universities in world.


Majority of these Universities are located in capital city Madrid and seconds to city Barcelona. Getting an admission in a Spain University is not an easy job. Many students will drop out after the first year due to the tough examinations. Students have to arrive early to the classes in order to get the seat as the classes are usually overcrowded especially in first year

Other Useful Statistics

Spain’s Universities can voice on its own. Spain has developed a dynamic educational system that has got international recognition. The Spain higher education is designed in such a way that students who studied here can excel anywhere in the world. With Spanish language one can communicate with people more than 21 countries.
Quality education is guaranteed for international students in Spain. Spain’s teaching system ensures a balance between theory and practice. It offers internships and other experience in many valued companies across the nation.