Canada, a part of North America, is a country that exudes beauty when it comes to its natural resources and multicultural environment. Its capital is Ottawa. An avid supporter of the arts, Canada holds various festivals throughout the year to celebrate music, dance, and sports. It also ranks high when it comes to quality of life, government transparency, economic freedom and education.

Canada Statstics

About Canada

The winter temperatures fall below freezing in most parts of Canada whereas, the southern west coast gets relatively mild temperatures. It is also one of the most technologically and industrially advanced nations of the world.

Other Information

One of the reasons that students choose to study in Canada is that permanent immigration for international students is easy for those who have graduated from a post-secondary program. Canada is known to be a bilingual, with French and English as its official languages. These are the preferred cities to live in, if you’re planning to go to Canada: Calgary, Alberta; Delta, British Columbia, Hamilton, Ontario; Regina, Saskatchewan. These cities are popular because of their multicultural appeal and diverse setting.

Why Study in Canada ?

The reputation of the Canada’s education sector is well known for its quality and excellence. Canadian credentials are valued around the world by employers and universities across the world. The courses offer a great benefit for your career in the long term. The universities in Canada are equipped with the latest technologies and amenities.

Other Benefits

The fees and living expenses are quite affordable for an international student compared to the other countries in range. The Canadian institutes emphasize more on vocation training added to the curriculum to provide practical learning for the students.


We have major intakes in January, September and May.

Cost and Duration of Education

Cost of Education varies from 13000-18000 CAD per year. For duration, Diploma/ Advanced Diploma is 2-3 years. For Bachelor Programs it is 0-4 years. For Graduate Certificates (PG Diploma) , it is 1-2 years. For Masters Programs, it is 0-2 years.